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A successful exhibition has just been over in the attractive church of S. Maria ad Nives in Rimini. This was a personal show of the artist Lucio Pezzolesi, from Pesaro [near Rimini]. Once again this artist shows a complex evolution, full of suggestions that he has got from the analysis of the contemporary culture. A culture that too many times reveals itself as a shallow and empty of values one; a culture that devotes itself to a pressing consumerism. But Pezzolesi reveals us that these suggestions are but an opportunity to get to a profound introspection to find the simple values of human existence again. In the recent works of this echibition there are the elements that mark the simplicity of daily recurrence. These works are made of materials that are symbols of an unnatural world, as unnatural as the one that is around us. Shards, worn strings and pieces of wood, fragments of burnt plastic that invite us to reflect and not to forget.
Pezzolesi’s art does not long to aesthetic beauty; on the contrary it rejects academicism in favour of a restless and insatiable experimentalism. In Pezzolesi’s works there is a sort of profound moderation, a sort of murmur. The typical murmur of those who get aware of a certain situation without crying its effect; those who want to keep clearness and dignity in their expressions, and some pleasant liveliness too; those who don’t want to give up to tragedy. Thanks to their universalism, the works by Pezzolesi (an artist that has taught for a long time in the artistic institutes in Fano and Pesaro), can be compared to the ones by great masters of our century like Antoni Tàpies and Alberto Burri.

                                                                                                                                 Roberta Ridolfi

(Personal show “Opere recenti 1989-95 Recent works”, sala S. Maria ad Nives, Rimini 1997, review on “Il Resto del Carlino”, 23/09/1997).