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Pezzolesi the painter takes part with about ten of his works which are not yet released from far more authoritative artistic models (Klee, Klein), nevertheless these ones show in the latest phases a fully personal style. He is a sensitive abstract artist who strikes us immediately by the authenticity of his expressed emotions, which are the same of the observer’s. Much seriousness and consciousness are visible: this does rarely happen by modern painting exhibitions. Free from objective forms, the painter expresses by means of colouristic tonality variations wholly spiritual and conceptualizing sensations. In Sogno (dream) we shift from the unity given by the white colour to the one another following of thin lines and soft colours, which are all fading like a dreamed reality does, whose concretization we expect. There the dream stops and we find ourselves awake. In this work it seems that the painter’s desire is to seize the overlapping of images and feelings of dream phenomenom to render them in their existential task, as also their own absurd and unpregnant truth. The two most impressive works because of their balance and the progressive colour laying are Solitudine (loneliness) and Sensazione (feeling). In these ones the artist has really reached an utterly original style. In the stroke and in the colour we see the in himself secluded man, who is desperately stranger to the external world, and also the interior unity is unrealized. Here Pezzolesi’s essentially emotional soul pinpoints his truth: the passion towards the forms caught in their human and existential content, and the assumption of the reality in his own self order to set it free from every environmental link. Anyway can’t miss a social message too, for example Paesaggio dei poveri (the landscape of the poor) seems to communicate a sad feeling of piety: the white colour suggesting a bare wall, and the cold and undefined sun seems to be looking for an object to illuminate! These are, to come to the point, all works which demand a careful examination, an analysis which goes far beyond the frame of the picture to emphasize episodes and truths which have undoubtedly been conceived in a serious and personal way.

U. Manganelli

(Personal show, Galleria Puccini; 25th March 1961, review in “Il Messaggero” – Exibition of 10 works, enamel paints on board and canvas, cm 90×130).